My ADHD Life

Hey folks, this post is going to be a little different than the previous ones and a little longer. I just wanted to share some of my own background and life with ADHD to get you a little more familiar with why I’m writting about this topic.

So, I grew up in Ukraine in an orphanage and was adopted at 5 years old from a foreign country. I lived in Europe with my parents for most of my life up till 5-ish years ago. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior from my sinful self and am now one of His followers. I hold to the Bible as the Final Authority in my life though I still struggle with making the right decisions. At an early age, my parents wanted a lively child but they didn’t expect to get one as lively as I was but they still love me. I was diagnosed officially with ADHD in Poland (we were living there at the time) and then due to extenuating circumstances I had to get neurological and psyhcological tests done and eventually it was deemed appropriate for me to be medicated for my ADHD which has really helped me alot.

I want others to understand why I tend to behave differently and seemingly less grown up for my adult age. It is not because I want to act immature (though that is tempting), rather it is a daily struggle to act older than an 8 or 10 year old when I am off my medication. Medication is not the answer for everyone but for some people like myself it helps tremendously. Some people still believe it is not a biologically related disorder rather a lack of maturity on our case, that is not allways the fact. Science has shown a biologial reason for why many ADHD and ADD kids act the way they do, while it is still difficult to separate the intentional from the unintentional misconduct of an ADHD kid, it is not impossible to help them. But, to help them, people need to understand aspects of their daily struggles and emotional demands. Having ADHD is a blessing because I don’t have to blame my self for everything I do wrong or forget, but also that doesn’t mean I don’t take responsibilty for the actions I do choose to do or not do. God’s love has helped me address many of the emotional issues that come with it and it can help you and any one else who deals with ADHD. My life is far from perfect, but it is far far better since God saved me and has actively been in my life even when I don’t see Him at work in my life, He is.

I want to give ya’ll some links to possible sources that you can all research and read to help get a more scholarly view of the ADHD topic on both sides of the isle: First and formost would be The Holy Bible which is my go-to, and here’s some others.


  • PDF on stresses of parenting ADHD kids


HTML book on ADHD and Poland’s approach to dealing with it by Anna Witeska-Młynarczyk


  • An abstract about college age ADHD adult’s adaptaiblity based on level of parenting


  • A PDF in opposition to ADHD being a real disorder and its overuse in diagnosis of children who are just well – less well behaved.


  • This is an abstract ADHD children and their social life
  • The one below is of a sermon about living with one’s emotions biblically.

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