What’s on ADHD’s Venue?

“An apple a day keeps the Doctor away” unless you have cyanide poisoning from all the apples, then call the Doctor in. But the concept stands and for ADHD kids and adults, exercise and dieting is just as important if not more so for ADHD people than for normal minds. Sugar doesn’t make us hiper just gives us more energy to do stupid stuff, but with a balanced diet and proper amount of physical excersize, sugar is quite alright.

Food coloring, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, and various other man-made food additives can adversly affect some with ADHD. The most noticable affects can be seen in ADHD children, the effects are hyped up distractiveness, quickened emotional changes, an increase in their lack of self control, and increase in talking and nervous habits such as biting nails, itching, or picking on one’s skin. This is why especially for children a healthy diet is importaint especially one that is as organic as possible.

Along with dieting, some people with ADHD medicate for their disorder which helps them to focus. Going to therapy and checking in regularly with your doctor is important to make sure medication is working and not being abused. For those who don’t want to medicate, exercise for both physical and mental well being which are greatly advised for stimulating the entire brain with increase in blood flow and neural stimulation. Discernment is key when helping a loved one with ADHD and by taking the extra mile and paying the few dollars more for healthy food, those with ADHD can learn to better handle their disorder without external issues affecting their minds.

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