ADHD Trait Cards

ADHD happens to be a tricky disorder to diagnose properly especially if a child is paricularly active and easily distracted like any child normaly is. There are many medical and personality tests that help determine whether they have an attention disorder and if they do, how serious it is. Neurological tests help show what parts of a person’s brain is active during various brain tests, as my blog post 3 “ADHD Brain Waves” will show.

ADD – Attention Deficient Disorder is usually a more difficult disorder to deal with since the part of the brain that deals with agression is stimulated more than it should be. Anger and agression is a common issue for those with ADD. The difference between ADD and ADHD is that ADHD is less agressive and it spans more of the emotional spectrum but ADD is easier to detect than ADHD and less likely to be misdiagnosed.

The difficulty in proper diagnosis is that there are no physical traits to help in its detection and it usually takes parents longer to recognize a problem than say children with functioning autism such as Asbergers. Another issue is telling the difference between children dealing with a lack of parental discipline and those with actual mental disorders that affect their behavior and attention capabilities. The best advice is to be patient and to work with them while also having good standards for behavior aka reasonable rules.

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